Our Values

Safety and Quality Performance

Safety is the first priority in the conduct of Corporate Air’s business. Operating since 1972, the Company is widely recognised for the delivery of safe, sustainable and high quality services underpinned by industry leading operational standards.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fit in with our client’s values to deliver a superior seamless product. Corporate Air undergoes client safety and compliance audits on a regular basis and the consistent outcome of these audits is full compliance with our client’s vital requirements and reflects a demonstrated commitment to safety being our number one priority.

In addition to being fully compliant with the regulatory standards set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Corporate Air maintains Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) GOLD Status. The BARS accreditation is maintained to encourage on-going measurable improvements in safety and performance at every stage of our business. Additionally, in 2022 our Link Airways regional airline operation (Saab 340B+WT and Metro 23 fleet) successfully met the standards and recommended practices necessary to achieve IOSA registration. The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is the global benchmark for safety management in airlines.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Corporate Air we understand that our actions can impact many people, including employees, customers and suppliers together with their employees, business partners, and the communities in which we operate. This is why we consider the following to be very important:

  • Labour rights – we will only deal with companies (suppliers or customers) who don’t participate in, or benefit from, discrimination or harassment; underpayment of wages, imposition of unreasonable working hours, an unsafe workplace; restrictions on collective bargaining; forced labour; or child labour;
  • Right to life and security of the person – we will take every precaution to ensure our workplace is free from bullying and/or harassment as well as working closely with our employees to provide a safe work place;
  • Right to housing and an adequate standard of living – we will ensure, where appropriate, that we examine and address the impacts of our business on the land, housing, water, farming and employment needs of the local community in which we operate; and
  • Rights of Indigenous peoples – when required, we will consult with the Indigenous community to secure their free, prior and informed consent.

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