What We Provide

Aircraft charter solves problems

Corporate Air provides ad-hoc and contractual:

  • business and government air charter;
  • fly in / fly out (FIFO) services;
  • emergency and disaster flights;
  • freight and logistics flights;
  • entertainment and media tours;
  • event and incentive travel;
  • group and sporting travel; and
  • private charter flights.

Aircraft charter is ideal if you or your group requires:

  • multiple stops within one trip;
  • non-airline destinations;
  • a flexible schedule;
  • control over your travel environment; and
  • end to end service that manages all aspects.

Let us help coordinate your trip exactly as you need it:

  • fly in and out of 1,000s of locations (many of which are inaccessible to airlines);
  • fly any time day or night;
  • multiple destinations in one day;
  • local, national and international destinations;
  • no waiting time or boarding delays; and
  • no unnecessary cancellations.

We provide 24/7 service you can rely on:

  • you talk to a person straight away when you call – no automated service; and
  • your arrangements will be managed by an experienced Charter Manager.

Ask any question any time – our expertise about all aspects of air charter is at your disposal. Air charter with Corporate Air gives you complete peace of mind – because we give you complete flexibility. Whatever problems or changes come up during a flight or project – we will work with you to manage them smoothly and ensure your plans stay on track.