Five Benefits of Chartering Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) Flights

Posted April 03, 2023

Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Air Charter Flights
Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) Flights
Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Air Charter Flights

With Australia’s millions of square kilometres of land, come significant business opportunities across several industries. But finding skilled and willing employees prepared to work in remote locations can be difficult. Once you find them, retaining people’s services can be challenging.

Fly-in-fly-out, or FIFO as it is known, is the method of regularly bringing workers in from populated cities to work in remote areas for a rostered time, before being flown home again. We look at five benefits of chartering FIFO flights for your company that can significantly improve hiring and retention rates.

1. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY: Switching from commercial to chartered flights can have a far-reaching positive impact on travelling and waiting time throughout your organisation. Commercial flights will only fly to central airport hubs. This means your workers will usually need additional transport options to complete their travel to the remote worksite, potentially eating into valuable productive availability.

For example, employees are required to be at airports hours before flights depart, to check-in and pass through security. Behind the scenes, you need to plan and coordinate regional flights to final destinations. Unforeseen delays are always a risk where multiple connections are necessary. With a large workforce, it takes a significant amount of time to plan the most efficient travel for each worker. This raises the potential for multitudinous logistical problems which can be eliminated by chartering FIFO flights. Direct aircraft charter mitigates the potential for expensive waiting times.

2. CONVENIENT REGIONAL TRAVEL: Chartered FIFO flights can usually land at remote and private airports and private airstrips located much closer to your worksites than even regional airports. Direct travel saves time and money. Workers experience less fatigue and can begin work sooner and with more energy. Avoiding congested commercial airports also reduces the risk of unscheduled delays at either take-off or landing that are outside your control and contribute to overall travel time and potentially missed connections.

3. FLIGHTS THAT MEET WORK SCHEDULES: Rather than being at the mercy of the major carriers, chartering FIFO flights for workers means you are able to schedule flights to match the site’s roster. If rosters change, your chartered flights can adjust too.  In the event of an unforeseen emergency, FIFO flights can be called at short notice to get people where they need to be quickly and efficiently.

4. NO EXCESS FEES: Need to fly-in a skeleton staff over Christmas? You can select an aircraft size to suit the size of your travelling party be it small or large, thus avoiding the necessity to incur inflated airline ticket rates during the holiday season. Should you need to move a large workforce at the same time we can schedule, on your terms, suitable aircraft that can accommodate your passenger requirements.

5. GOOD FOR MORALE: Besides financial reasons, flexibility, and time saved, worker morale is often overlooked when making decisions about staff air travel. Using aircraft charter for FIFO flights improves worker morale and can lead to better employee retention as people tend to relax more on a chartered flight as they are surrounded by friends and co-workers. Spending less time at airports leaves more time to spend with families, contributing to job satisfaction.

Ultimately, after safety, the bottom line is always cost. By chartering your Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) flights through Corporate Air you are accessing a fully audited air service provider with an impeccable safety record and an ability to significantly reduce unprofitable time and associated cost.

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