Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page aims to answer general questions you may have about Corporate Air.

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If you provide us with the requirements and parameters of your planned trip (as outlined below) we will recommend the most appropriate aircraft for your flight. We will also show you images of the suitable aircraft types and provide detailed supporting information.

To facilitate the timely provision of a quote fully tailored to your requirements, our Charter team will be requesting that you provide the following essential information;

  • where are you flying from and to?
  • do you require stops along the way?
  • what is the likely size of your party?
  • is your return flight on the same day or would you require more than 1 day?
  • do you require assistance with ground transportation or any other logistical support at your destination?
  • do you have any special in-flight requirements, such as special dietary requirements?

Corporate Air prides itself on its record of over 50 years of totally safe, reputable and reliable service to its wide client base. The aviation industry is highly regulated with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority monitoring the aircraft, operations and overall standard of air charter service companies. Our Company adheres strictly to all CASA Regulations and Standards and is dedicated to providing our valued customers with safe, professional service in order to maintain our outstanding safety record and reputation.

The benefit of flying with an air charter service provider is that your flight will never be delayed unnecessarily. This allows you to avoid the frustration of sitting in an airport waiting lounge and seeing your scheduled departure time come and go – a not uncommon occurrence. Your charter flight may be delayed if there are weather conditions or other circumstances that could make it unsafe to fly, however you will be kept fully informed at every step of the process and will never be left wondering as to the current status of your flight or estimated flight time.

We fly into hundreds of different airports and airstrips. Most of these airports are serviced with bathrooms, waiting areas, and other customer service facilities. Some of the smallest airports will have basic amenities. However, part of our role at Corporate Air is to assist you with all aspects of your flight. So if you require ground transport or other assistance at your destination, we are happy to organise this for you.

Air charter flights generally have dedicated apron areas at major airports. We can organise any requisite ground transfer and logistics to ensure that you arrive well in time for all connecting airline flights.

Yes. Corporate Air is an experienced  freight air charter provider. No matter how small or large your consignment, we are able to assist you.

As well as air charter services, we provide aircraft management, aircraft maintenance and ground handling services.