Canberra FBO & Ground Handling

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Contact Andrew Yeats and our Canberra Ground Handling Team directly 24/7 on +61 (0) 400 774 012 or email

Corporate Air has provided private and secure FBOΒ and Ground Handling services for itinerant business, private, airline and freight aircraft since 1972.

We regularly handle aircraft that range in size from Beech Barons to Gulfstream 650s and Boeing Business Jets. We provide highly competent ground handling management together with the requisite trained, uniformed and courteous ground handling personnel – we are always conscious of the need to ensure delivery of timely and efficient service.

Our aim is to deliver a quality, seamless experience for our large client base with their variety of aircraft and service requirements. Additional requirements or services, not listed below, can be provided at short notice.


Corporate Air | Brisbane FBO
FBO and Ground Handling | Corporate Air
FBO and Ground Handling | Corporate Air
FBO and Ground Handling | Corporate Air

VIP and Corporate

  • premium passenger handling and concierge;
  • tarmac access for vehicles to/from aircraft;
  • access to passenger lounge and conference facilities;
  • arrange limousines, taxi, shuttle vans, hire cars;
  • international arrivals and departures (by prior approval); and
  • vehicle parking.

Airline and Charter

  • check-in;
  • walk-in / out passenger assistance;
  • security measures;
  • special baggage handling;
  • lost and found;
  • ticketing, reservations and service desk;
  • special needs passengers; and
  • international arrivals and departures (by prior approval).


  • GSE – crew vans, GPU, belt loaders, ladders, aircraft steps to B747 height;
  • aircraft marshalling, chocking of aircraft, passenger escort;
  • baggage to/from aircraft and loading/unloading;
  • arrangement of fuel services;
  • cabin cleaning – daily / deep cycle;
  • lavatory and Potable water service;
  • external aircraft cleaning – daily / deep cycle;
  • hangarage (by prior arrangement);
  • cabin services pre-flight cabin preparation including inflight provisions;
  • quality catering – first class, ethnic, special dietary requirements, beverages;
  • engineering support and maintenance and consumables;
  • load control – weight and balance;
  • de-icing / anti-icing service; and
  • aircraft pushback and towing.


  • lounge – phone, fax, wireless internet, TV, cold drinks, tea, coffee;
  • access to meeting room, shower and changing facilities;
  • complimentary crew car (subject to availability);
  • accommodation booking service (crew discounts);
  • flight planning facilities – phone, fax, internet, weather, NOTAMS;
  • flight and landing clearances; and
  • crew transfers.

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