Flight Validation of TIFP

Specialised services for airport operators and government organisations

The flight validation of TIFP (Terminal Instrument Flight Procedures) primarily checks:

  • the surrounding airspace and air traffic environment;
  • the functioning of instrument flight procedures as intended;
  • obstacle expectations are accurate and precise; and
  • the workload imposed on a pilot is satisfactory.

Corporate Air’s specially trained and licenced Flight Crew carry out a variety of flight validation and airfield inspection tasks. With more than ten years as a market leader in this field Corporate Air can specifically provide fixed wing and rotary:

  • instrument approach revalidations;
  • initial approach validations; and
  • flight inspection of aerodrome lighting systems.

We always aim to ensure:

  • in-depth pre-flight assessment and planning;
  • minimal interference with regular air traffic;
  • minimal disruption or disturbance to the local environment;
  • comprehensive post flight analysis and reporting; and
  • a flexible, customer focused approach.

Corporate Air holds a domestic and international Air Operator’s Certificate and has extensive experience operating throughout Australia, its territories and internationally.

Please contact us with your requirement, our experienced personnel will be able to provide you a comprehensive quote to meet all of your requirements.